Cornerstone Board of Commissioners

Represented Counties and Current Terms
Dennis HammettGreenwoodChairman02/21 – 02/24
Tim DuncanGreenwoodCo-Chair01/21 – 01/24
Dennis ErskineGreenwoodMember02/21 – 02/24
Dr. Floyd HatcherGreenwoodMember04/21 – 04/24
VACANTGreenwoodMember09/20 – 09/23
Joyce DilleshawGreenwoodMember01/21 – 01/24
VACANTEdgefieldMember07/19 – 07/22
David MerrillsMcCormickMember01/21 – 01/24
Rick PresslyAbbevilleMember02/19 – 02/22
Jenny O’QuinnAbbevilleMember02/20 – 02/23
Calvin WhartonAbbevilleMember06/21 – 06/24
The Cornerstone Board of Commissioners is comprised of twelve (12) commissioners; six (6) appointed by the Greenwood County Council, three (3) appointed by the Abbeville County Council, two (2) appointed by the Edgefield County Council and one (1) appointed by the McCormick County Council. The members are appointed for terms of three (3) years and continue to serve until their successors are appointed. At the end of their term, Commissioners may be re-appointed by their respective county councils to the Cornerstone Board of Commissioners. In the case of a vacancy, the Commission will make a recommendation for appointment to the respective County Council.
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