Community Coalitions

Community Coalitions

The community coalition approach is an effective strategy for addressing alcohol, tobacco, and other substance use issues (as well as related problems). Coalitions connect multiple sectors of the community – including businesses, parents, media, law enforcement, schools, faith organizations, health providers, social service agencies, and government – to collaborate and develop plans, policies and strategies to achieve reductions in the rates of consumption at the community level. Community coalitions are a proven comprehensive public health approach to support substance use prevention efforts.

Cornerstone is an active member of the following coalitions:

  • Greenwood Abbeville Coalition (GAC)
    • The Greenwood Abbeville Coalition is a group of concerned citizens and key stakeholders in the community who desire to see drug-free communities in Greenwood and Abbeville counties. The Coalition spreads their message of hope through community education and providing resources for those struggling with substance misuse and their families.
  • Be Well Abbeville Substance Abuse Task Force
    • Be Well Abbeville is a community coalition that is focused on the mental, physical, spiritual, and social health and well-being of Abbeville County residents. It is comprised of agencies and individuals from many different sectors within Abbeville County.
    • The Substance Abuse Task Force is composed of nurses, educators, doctors, law enforcement officers, EMTs/paramedics, pharmacists, social workers, parents, and people in recovery. The task force is seeking to reduce drug overdoses and other substance use related issues by increasing public awareness of the danger of prescription drug misuse/abuse. The task force is also seeking to decrease social access to prescription drugs by encourage people to secure their medicine and to safely dispose of their old medicines when no longer needed.
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