Keeping Youth Drug Free

A resource guide for parents offers advice on keeping children substance free. Review statistics about adolescent substance use, and learn tips on good communication. The guide also features substance facts and case studies for additional insight. Click here to view brochure.

Family Checkup: Positive Parenting Prevents Drug Abuse

Families strive to find the best ways to raise their children to live happy, healthy, and productive lives. Parents are often concerned about whether their children will start or are already using drugs such as tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and others, including the abuse of prescription drugs. Research supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has shown the important role that parents play in preventing their children from starting to use drugs. Click here to view brochure.

Drugs, Brains, and Behavior: The Science of Addiction

As a result of scientific research, we now know that addiction is a disease that affects both the brain and behavior. Researchers have identified many of the biological and environmental factors and are beginning to search for the genetic variations that contribute to the development and progression of the disease. Scientists use this knowledge to develop effective prevention and treatment approaches that reduce the toll drug abuse takes on individuals, families, and communities. Click here to view brochure.

Marijuana: Facts Parents Need To Know

Marijuana remains the most abused illegal substance among youth. The number of teens who think marijuana users risk harming themselves is declining. This is happening despite growing scientific evidence that marijuana use during the teen years can permanently lower a person’s IQ and interfere with other aspects of functioning and well-being. Click here to view brochure.

Tobacco: Clearing the Smoke

A brochure designed to educate parents and others on the dangers of tobacco use and that encourages them to protect today’s children from the risks associated with underage smoking. Click here to view brochure.

Know the Rules Before You Play the Game: Current South Carolina Laws Related to Youth and Alcohol

A brochure describing current South Carolina offenses related to alcohol use by and impacting minors. Click here to view brochure.

Alcohol: What Are You Prepared to Lose?

A brochure describing current South Carolina offenses related to alcohol use. Click here to view brochure.

Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program (ADSAP)

A brochure that explains and answers frequently asked questions about South Carolina’s Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program. Click here to view brochure.

Pregnant? The Time to Stop Is Now

It is best to stop all substance use before becoming pregnant. But it’s never too late. The time to stop is now. Click here to view brochure.

Common Drugs of Abuse

This poster contains common drugs of abuse broken down into category by type of drug. Other useful information contained on the chart includes: the brand or common names, slang terms, medical uses, duration of effects, methods of use, possible effects, effects of overdose and withdrawal symptoms. This chart is an excellent resource for educators, physicians and others who wish to have a large, explanatory visual about common drugs of abuse. Click here to view poster. The resource links on this page provide a wealth of information about alcohol and drug addiction, treatment options, recovery programs, and family resources. If you are unable to find answers to your questions, please feel free to contact one of our professionals and we will be happy to assist you.

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